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First review of Hot Fuzz online

HotFuzz.jpgThere's an early review of the film Hot Fuzz - from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright who brought us the superb Shaun of the Dead - online now, and it has a lot of praise for the film.

'Uncle Monty' says that it is easily as good as Shaun for laughs, and that he's convinced that there are plenty of in-jokes (particularly about buddy cop movies) that he's missed and could catch second time around, and he would...

...certainly this film a solid two thumbs up and look forward to watching it again.

You can see his whole review of the early screening, with the caveat that it is an early cut with an incomplete audio mix, etc., over at AICN. So if it got that much praise for the incomplete film, we could well be seeing an even tighter and better version when it's released in the UK in February with the US and Russia in March and Spain in April (according to IMDB).

Looking good, although to be fair did we ever expect anything less from these guys? I certainly didn't.



I missed him in Shaun of the Dead and I still havent forgiven myself, I will not dare miss this one too!

Simon Pegg and Nick frost ........ na na na na na na na na...batman - or bad boys two - or tango and cash - bodie and doyle ......Hot fuzz is a mickey take of all your cops and robbers type films. Its a bit slow to start off with as Nick Angel is posted to a quiet English village [or so it seems] .... but its not long before there is a missing swan, oh yes and dead bodies turning up everywhere by someone'S' dressed as the scream murderer. Over all not a bad film at all. Shuan of the dead is a must see too *

I loved this movie!!! Have seen it 3 times since!


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