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Firth joins Thurman comedy

ColinFirth.jpgColin Firth is joining a comedy called The Accidental Husband, and joining him are Sam Shepard and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The film already stars Uma Thurman in the lead with Isabella Rossellini, Lindsay Sloane and Justina Machado.

According to Reuters, Thurman plays a talk show radio host who runs a show about relationships and she gives advice to one of her listeners who then breaks up with her boyfriend. Unfortunately the boyfriend is none too pleased and sets about plotting his revenge against the talk show host.

Sounds, well, dull to be honest, and I'm really disappointed that we're not seeing Firth break away from these roles and concentrate on some meatier acting. Sure he's got an interesting slate showing otherwise, perhaps it's a big money and big profile role. I keep harping back to seeing him in Trauma and being blown away, and it's these roles that I really think he can excel in. The guy is a superb actor but he always seems to fall back on these light, romantic roles, and it's these he often gets noticed for.



Wow, Mr Darcy and Ms Thurman!


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