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Franco hints on Spider-Man 3

JamesFranco.jpgKirsten Dunst has already been given into trouble for saying too much about Spider-Man 3 in a recent interview, and so James Franco is trying to remain even quieter about what happens to Harry Osborn in the new film.

All he will say is...

"Kirsten actually got into some trouble for that so I probably shouldn't repeat that mistake. But the second film suggests that I'm going to a dark place. I think people will be a little bit surprised about what happens."

...and that's as much as Empire Magazine through Starpulse News Blog could get out of him.

What do you think? Surprised? Coupled with the quote from Dunst before about the two and a half baddies in the film? After seeing all the trailers, including that extended one, is there any surprise about what could happen to Harry?



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