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Freeman to join Wanted?

Wanted_Cover.jpgMorgan Freeman is negotiating to join the cast of Wanted, the adaptation of Mark Millar's excellent comic series and graphic novel, Wanted.

The film is to be directed by the Russian director of the Night/Day Watch series, Timur Bekmambetov and already stars James McAvoy. It's been screenwritten by Derek Haas and Michael Brandt, who are both most famous for the 2 Fast 2 Furious script...yes, this has me slightly concerned too.

Still, now we know that Freeman is on board perhaps it's good news? According to the superb people at Cinema Blend, Freeman is set to play the head of the secret organisation called The Fraternity.

Oh dear, I can hear the die hard fans screaming now...but he looks nothing like him...Well McAvoy looks nothing like the lead character, so there's going to be some changes, so what? It's not like this series has characters that really are tied to their looks, some of them are images of stars in the real world anyway, like Halle Berry or Eminem, surely they can be altered when it comes to the film? Is that really going to harm the story?

I still don't get it though, I still have a hard time wondering how they are going to create some of the visuals of the story, if that is they keep on the same track. Still, with Bekmambetov behind the lens we know it has potential to be visually wonderful.



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