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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel UK comedy

AnnaFaris.jpgFrequently Asked Questions About Time Travel sounds quite a bizarre film title, none the less it has attracted Anna Faris alongside three British comic actors, Chris O’Dowd, Dean Lennox Kelly and Marc Wootton.

The story sounds a bit like a British Bill and Ted. Two guys are sitting in the pub discussing how time travel could really happen and what the issues of paradoxes are when suddenly Faris appears as a time traveller herself (really, and I don't mean because she's had too many breezers). According to The Hollywood Reporter through Empire she then sets them on an adventure...

Sounds a lot like the outline of Bill and Ted to me, but with tons of Britishness thrown in, and to be honest that entire concept sounds like a lot of fun.

The three comic talents above are well regarded in Britain, so perhaps there is something funny to come out of this film. At least Faris is making a break from Scary Movies...



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