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Friedkin's Bug delayed

WilliamFriedkin.jpgCould William Friedkin's film Bug be delayed indefinitely? Well reports are that the date has been pushed from December 1st 2006 to sometime in 2007 without any confirmation of a date.

This is worrying because it was sounding like a very good film with the early reports and festival reviews, and to not be given a date just sometime in 2007, well that does raise concern. This news is particularly bad for Friedkin himself as his career could really do with a good film being released.

It's especially surprising as the rumour from Cinematical is that Lionsgate were grooming the film for Academy screenings, yes, that Academy.

The film is an adaption of a stage play by Tracey Letts by herself. It tells the story of a very troubled war veteran who is possibly suffering from paranoia and starts imagining bugs eating their way into his body. He's locked away in a motel room with a lonely woman who seems to believe some of what he's saying.

It all sounds very claustrophobic and the interplay between the two characters played by Harry Connick Jr. and Ashley Judd is supposed to be very strong and believable. An excellent film that just may not see a proper release.



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