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Gershon kids novel adapted

GinaGershon.jpgGina Gershon has joined the celebrities writiing children's books club and her co-authored book Camp Creepy Time is set for a film adaptation.

According to the story from Variety through Cinema Blend her story is about a young boy who realises that his summer camp is actually a front for a human trafficking organisation. Sounds like a kids book already doesn't it? Welll it gets better. They're actually turning children into monsters and then sending them off to other worlds as exotic zoo animals. Bizarre, but that's what the book is about and it has been picked up!

She co wrote it with her brother Dan, and Dreamworks has picked up the book to make into a childrens film. Actually I could see this working, joking aside it sounds like a good fun book that has all the elements to make a fun film for the family.

What do you think? Should we be hard on this because it's a celebrity?



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