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Gibson speaks out against sequels

MelGibson.jpgMel Gibson has spoken out about the sea of sequels in Hollywood and suggests that this is part of the reason why The Passion of the Christ took GB£315 million (US$600 million). You have to hand it to the guy, he's managing to still stand tall and speak out on about his films despite the flak he's been taking.

According to Empire Magazine through Contact Music, he says:

"I knew there was a huge hunger out there for a different kind of film. I think that often at times people ignore the audience, they just keep serving them up the same thing. It's sequel after sequel after sequel. "I think they're starving to death and they want to be enriched. They want a good yarn, they want to be involved."

...and he's totally right, although there are the odd sequels that are working, like Batman is back on tracks, Spider-Man was never off them, what others can you suggest are working? He's been involved in a few himself mind you, Lethal Weapon and Mad Max...could you say they worked?

As I say, I hold this guy in high regard still. He's trying to keep going forward and he's not holding his head down either, he's doing what he always did and getting on with it. You have to appreciate that attitude, I wish I could behave like that in times of crisis.

So will Apocalypto follow the Passion's success? I think it will take a dunt from his personal life activities, which is a real shame as this hurts hundreds of people behind the film. I did notice that the UK anti-piracy advert which shows the big screen version shrunk to the small screen on a bad copy, has started showing this film as it's showcase. That usually means they think it's destined for big things.



I think there was rather more to the success of Jesus Christ Splatterstar than just people being sick of sequels, though. Mel's being far too disingenuous there. Although I don't think he's necessarily wrong about people being sick of sequels.

Apocalypto will probably perform well, but it won't do anywhere near the business of Passion because there's been little to no controversy hovering over its making (that I've noticed, anyway) and he's not going to get organised religious groups to buy tickets in bulk.


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