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Green stars in post-apocalyptic love story

EvaGreen.jpgEva Green is joining an post-apocalyptic tale of love called In The Country of Last Things based on the novel by Paul Aster. The adpatation and directing is being handled by Alejandro Chomski and will mix English and Spanish.

The news from Production Weekly sounds like a good move for Green, get far away from Bond as possible and move on, just to avoid that possible typecasting, and she sounds like she's made a great choice too. How far away can you get from Bond? Here's the story:

The masses are homeless, theft is so rampant it is no longer a crime, and death — by arranging either suicide or assassination — is the only way out. Buildings collapse daily, driving huge numbers of citizens into the streets, where they starve or die of exposure — if they aren’t murdered by other vagrants first. Government forces haul away the bodies, and licensed scavengers collect trash and precious human waste. Weird cults form around the most popular methods of suicide. Anne Blume (Green) comes to this unnamed city in search of her brother and finds friendship — even love — amid the devastation.

Well it started off well, but does it have to be all about love through the struggles of life, even if it is post-apocalyptic life? I do hope there's more to it than that.



LOL, and what were they planning to do with the precious human waste? The movie sounds really sick-O

Too mushy for you eh Richard?

No, not at all, I just hate it when a simple story is wrapped up in something more intriguing, just to get you to see the same old story.

Of course this is just a blurb and there does seem to be a hell of a lot more to it than that.


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