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Grudge writer talks Saw III and horror

StephenSusco.jpgStephen Susco is the writer of the US Grudge series and has just written a couple of interesting posts on his blog. Not only does he address the Saw III vs Grudge 2 box office, but he also discusses horror in general.

On the box office takings he says:

Five days. That's how long it took SAW III to rake in how much GRUDGE 2 made in almost twenty days. Now that's what I call dismemberment. :) Cheers to Darren, Leigh, James -- and everyone at Twisted & Lionsgate!

Well he certainly is taking it well! The more interesting post is the one where he talks about the future of horror.

SAW 3 just made $40M in 5 days. That's pretty terrific.

Do I see if moving away from the blood-and-gore? Not sure. Those are the movies that are hitting home runs as of late (HOSTEL, TEXAS CHAINSAW, etc.) There's no shortage of "dread and the unknown" films, but it seems like lately the "how much can you take?" kind of horror is ruling the roost.

And while my preferences generally run more towards the subtle, I love ALL horror and will pretty much go see anything that's out there. So as far as I'm concerned, I don't mind the trend towards the macabre -- as long as it keeps the Hollywood businessmen focused on horror, and as long as there remains room for a dymanic range of horror to be produced.

...and that's straight from the writers...well, fingers. I've become quite a follower of Susco's blog, he seems like a nice bloke with a really positive outlook, and he loves good movies too. You should take a few moments and have a look at some of the things he has to say over on his own blog.

He's certainly not easing up on the horror, and he's got Zero Dark Thirty and Dibbuk Box lined up, both of which sound very cool.



Ey, the reviews for Grudge 2 are not very good.


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