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Hathaway doesn't Get Smart

AnneHathaway.jpgAnne Hathaway's career seems to have been lifting straight up since her ties to the Princess Diaries series have been severed, her profile reads well, even those in production, but what it doesn't say is that she's signed up for the film version of another old TV series, Get Smart. Looking at that list it stands out like a big black stain on a good run.

It's fair to say that bringing these quaint sixties shows into today's cinematic world hasn't really been a resounding success, nor has it been a complete failure, but it's not been great. So the TV series about a hapless 007 type secret agent who messes up all the time and with the help of his successful agent partner actually gets things right in the end [breathe], doesn't sound like it will make it through too well. The news comes from Cinema Blend.

The series already has an aborted attempt at a remake in the form of another series in 1995, which I believe fell flat on its face. The film remake is to star Steve Carell, is written by Tom J. Astle (Failure to Launch - quite) and directed by Peter Segal (50 First Dates, Anger Management and The Longest Yard).

Mmm...I'm still with the "bad move" camp on this one. Still she has enough on her slate to hopefully make a bad film pass by without sticking to her too much.



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