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Haxan's Altered straight to DVD

BlairWitch.jpgThe makers of The Blair Witch Projectat Haxan Films have had the studio pull their film from theatrical release and drop it straight to DVD, a huge blow for the film which was hitting problem after problem.

From an entry on the Haxan official site, director Eduardo Sánchez says:

ALTERED, is coming out on DVD on December 19th, 2006! Now obviously, we hoped for a theatrical run on this sucker but unfortunately, that just wasn't meant to be. More on that whole sordid tale later, but for now, we want to say that we are very excited about the DVD release...

Oh dear, there's a sordid tale is there? Well there's been a lot of talk about the film being put back and back, and then there's the name change that was pushed on them - according to the story in Orlando Sentinel it was previously called Probed - is it a big surprise it's being punted straight to DVD? Perhaps for the director who was hopeful to direct something strong after the Blair Witch...maybe she is cursed after all.



I suppose the novelty has worn off?


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