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Help Favreau cast Iron Man

IronMan.jpgJon Favreau wants your suggestions for another round of casting, this time for Harold "Happy" Hogan, a friend of Tony Stark's, Stark being the Iron Man himself.

He already asked for assistance with casting the role of Pepper Potts, Stark's secretary (yes, that's her name), I wonder when we'll hear about that?

Seems as though the two are connected as well, Hogan (not that Hogan!) is a boxer who is famous for always losing, and he marries Pepper Potts (blergh) and loses her too, but he holds onto a job as Stark's PA.

Anyway, head over there and see some of the suggestions ranging from Jason Statham to Jon Favreau...whoever that guy is...Bruce Campbell to Adam Baldwin, the list seems endless. What do you think? Who should play him?

You can see the list over at the Iron Man MyMarketingSpace site through Superhero Hype, and not through my own Filmstalker Filmmakers Feeds List.



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