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He-Man officially dead

JohnWoo.jpgShocking news, but not that surprising really, is that the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe film has been officially dumped by Fox 2000. Oh lo how I weep. It's no real surprise though, before we'd heard twice that John Woo had left the project.

The producer has informed Moviehole through Empire that the project is officially dead and the rights have been handed back to Mattel.

There's good and bad news here, sure it's handed back, but it gives Mattel another turn to get together the right deal for the project and for them. However for fans it's bad news, this was a chance to redeem the Masters of the Universe film with Dolph Lundgren.

Yes...let's move on. So how gutted are you? Could they have made this work? How?!



In order:

1) I'm devastated, obviously. Can you not hear me weeping across the thousands of kilometres that separate us?
2) Maybe.
3) About 20 years ago when the series was still new and fresh. And yes, I know they did make it then, but they could possibly have made a good film instead of the one they did. Now it's about two decades too late. I don't think we'll ever see this film happen.

I agree James, I think the world has moved on and the story just doesn't fit anymore.


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