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Hitchcock cameos captured

AlfredHitchcock.jpgAlfred Hitchcock is famous for many things, popularising the term MacGuffin, making superb, classic films, or even his continual cameos, and now there's a site that's devoted to Hitchcock that is trying to chronicle those cameos using highlighted stills from his films.

At the moment they have thirty seven out of forty one, the four they are missing are Easy Virtue, Saboteur, Rope and Under Capricorn, so if you can help out I'm sure they'll be only too happy.

What's interesting about all these stills, shown over at Hitchcock.tv, is the range of the cameo. He's done the hardly seen on screen moments, where he's hidden away, then next film you can see him doing the standing right in the middle of the shot looking straight to camera cameos. It's amazing to see these isolated in a single frame just how damn obvious they are, just look at the scene from Marnie.

There's even a short list of some essays on the man and his films, if you're into a longer read.



As Mr. Burns would say: "Excellent!"

I will read all of this with avid delight.

Great a Hitch website to get my teeth into. Not sure what I think of revealing where the cameos are part of the pleasure is working out where they coem and noticing them. Sounds like a good idea though.

Favorite Hitchcock films - that will make a great feature. At least I can say 4 I have seen!


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