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Hitcher remake photos online

TheHitcher_Remake.jpgThere's our first look at the remade The Hitcher in action online today. Although there are only two pictures, one has the three main characters in it.

You can see the pictures over at Rope of Silicon. I have to say it's difficult to separate myself from the old film, I find I'm continually comparing and especially with these pictures. The group photo just doesn't have the dark edgy feel of the original...and then I catch myself and say it's only a photo, and a publicity one at that.

What do you think? Unfair to judge on a few photos? Especially since one of them does give us that Hitcher feel...darkness, rain, and a lone figure...wooo...



The pictures look fine and I hope it'll be a decent remake though I probably won't go see it until it's out of DVD. That is unless it's get stellar reviews. :)


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