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Holmes hidden from Oscars?

TomandKatie.jpgMost sites are picking up the story that Katie Holmes name is missing from Oscar screeners of Thank You For Not Smoking because they think there's a snub in progress, well I'm not so sure.

You see the story (taken here from Monsters and Critics) is going that just about everyone else is credited on the cover and Holmes is not, in fact she's noticeably absent and yet she played a major role in the film. Could that be oversight? I doubt it, of course there could be a mistake at the printers, these things can happen, but it's strange that it's such a major character that's been missed. Unless it is deliberate.

Now I don't mean deliberate in that they are trying to snub her, but they could be trying to protect the film itself from all the negative Cruise feeling out there in Hollywood, allegedly. I say allegedly because of course we've just seen Cruise make an amazing deal for his future at MGM and United Artists. M&C point to a past story that has similar issues:

There was earlier controversy over Holmes one sex scene that mysteriously disappeared when screened at Sundance film festival, and Defamer speculates Fox "executives there are probably as put off by the idea of Holmes' Cruise era, contractually mandated, one-cursory-mating-session-per-billion-years sexuality as we all are, and don't want her baggage tainting the other deserving candidates from their film."

So if the filmmakers really were concerned about any sort of backlash, would they take the step of removing her name from the packaging? Well it could be, but this could all be conspiracy theory too, and we're just seeing a common printing mistake.

Which do you think?



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