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Holocaust "architect" biopic

AdolfEichmann.jpgAdolf Eichmann was the key administrator behind the Nazi's attempt at their "Final Solution", and there's about to be a UK film made about his final days.

After the war Eichmann fled to South America, but the Isreali Secret Service, Mossad, weren't going to give him up that easily and in 1960 he was kidnapped. A year later he was on trial in Jerusalem and hanged till he was dead.

According to The Guardian, before he was executed an Isreali officer called Captain Avner Less cross-examined him and heard his confessions of how he was in charge of the logistics of mass deportations and the extermination camps. A cold and chilling man indeed.

The film will concentrate on this interview with flashbacks to the war and stars Thomas Kretschmann as Eichmann, which is also the name of the film, Troy Garity (Jane Fonda's son no less), and there will be a part for the superbly talented and personal favourite of mine, Stephen Fry.

The film is to be a British and Hungarian joint venture, and shooting will be in Hungary and Malta. Robert Young, who has directed various features and TV films including a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, is set to direct.

I'm really interested in this one, it could have great potential. An Isreali officer interviewing the man who effectively ran the Holocaust, just before he is executed. There's lot's of tension and scope for historical story telling. Not to mention the incredibly powerful topic, something that none of us should forget.



Funny. I have spent the last days reading about this man.

I remember his creepy appearance (only voice) in the underrated Citizen X, by Chris Gerolmo, and a TV movie describing the umbeliavable capture operation starring Ben Kingsley.

I couldn´t be more interested in this project.

Hey Peter, is there anything you dont read? ;P

People´s minds. That is impossible to me... for the time being LOL

So youre no Superman eh? ;D

It still arises controversy. The whole thing. I can´t say anything about websites, but I recommend one movie: "Shoah". This 8 hour length doccumentary is terrific, the best I have seen on this dark topic.

Thanks Peter, I might give that a go.

Just as a note, I have deleted a number of comments from this thread from two different sites regarding the subject of the Holocaust topic. The two people were in a dispute over each others site content and validity.

It was a discussion that was obviously growing out of hand with multiple postings of the same messages and the possible faking of reponses from other people.

So I have removed these comments and so some of the comments above this one may seem a little unrelated as they refer to deleted comments.

Please feel free to continue the discussion regarding the above film and related film topics.

Apologies and thanks to Michael who gave them a bit of an ear bashing in the comments, sorry to have deleted yours too but it did stick out once everything it referred to was gone.


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