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Hopkins returns to Ivory

AnthonyHopkins.jpgAnthony Hopkins is teaming up with James Ivory once again. Together they made Remains of the Day, Howards End and Surviving Picasso, and their latest, The City Of Your Final Destination, sounds to be in a similar vein of human relationships.

Hopkins will play the brother of a deceased Latin American author Jules Gund, Hiro Sanada will play his lover, Laura Linney is Gund's widow with Charlotte Gainsbourg playing Gund's lover. Sounds like quite a strong cast alongside the quiet might of Hopkins.

According to Production Weekly the story is based on the Peter Cameron novel and stars Omar Metwally as an Iranian graduate who travels to Argentina to try and persuade the author's surviving family members to let him write the biography he has begun. His arrival prompts a shift in the relationships between the characters and, presumably, the discovery of Gund's lover, and forces them all to push themselves forwards from his tragic death.

Sound interesting? Well I'm not so sure on paper. To be honest it all sounds rather dull and another slightly contrived and well worn plot, positioning characters in contention with each other to arrive at some big life changing conclusions. Still, it might work out well with the cast involved. Any excitement out there for it?



It does sounds a touch dull, but I'll be interested to see what it look like when a trailer is ready to view.

I adore Remains of the Day and Howards End - they are two of my favorite movies. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy Remains of the Day, but it was on cable the other day and Hopkins gives such a brilliant performance.


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