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Hostel: Part II pictures and plot revelation?

Hostel_Poster.jpgThe first pictures for Hostel: Part II are online and although there's nothing really that exciting, they are the first pictures from the film.

Hostel: Part II sees the organisation behind the original Hostel (review) learn from their mistakes and move forward. They expand and make themselves available on a much more global level, as well as being much more secretive. A group of girls get lured to the idea of spas and relaxation of Eastern Europe after the hassle from men during their more party like holiday in Italy, they become caught up in the new and improved Hostel.

You can see the pictures over at Coming Soon, but here's what I think from what I've heard of the plot so far...and be aware, if you read on these could be huge spoilers if they are right.

Paxton, Jay Hernandez is back, but apparently he's not going to be involved in the main fray, there's a group of girls that head to the Hostel and are caught up as the victims. So will Paxton be back and trying to save them from the terror again? I'm not so sure, of course he could be there trying to get into the organisation and shut them down, but I have another theory. Roth has talked about the parallel storyline, one shows the girls as victims and the other shows two men from the other side, getting involved in the torturing for the first time and us being brought along with them.

Then it struck me. Is that where Paxton will be? Is he going to be on the torturing side? Roth does say that we will know these two guys on the flip side of the tale. Now he could be dragged into it because he's become more and more darker in his mind, especially considering the things he's been through. Maybe he goes with the idea of getting inside the group and destroying them, or perhaps he starts out that way and finds that there's something inside him that actually sadistically enjoys it all? Who knows, but the hint is there that he's not just running to the rescue this time. What do you think?



Someone (Mr tarantino) should have told him that this was a bad idea, even worse for me as the second film ruins the first..a shame.


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