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Interview with Darren Aronofsky

DarrenAronofsky.jpgThis is perhaps the highest brow interview I've read, and even Darren Aronofsky seems a little bit surprised during a few questions. He was sat down with a number of far brainier people than me from various film sites, and one bloke who has the balls to break the conversation onto the original casting of Brad Pitt in The Fountain...from Maya legends no less!

Michael Guillen from Twitch, Pam Grady from Filmstew, Sara Schieron from Greencine and Peter Sciretta from /Film were all there to grill the director, and it actually turns out into a very interesting discussion. Well worth your time, if a tad above the level of normal conversations.

Aronofsky addresses recurring themes and symbolism in the film, and he also talks about the original casting of Pitt and how Jackman did. After discussing one very unusual and high brow Maya myth Aronofsky replies:

After that, where do you want to go from there? [Laughs.] Let's talk more about Brad Pitt!!

He does have a sense of humour! It's an interesting read and is over at Twitch, he also manages to talk a little about him directing an episode of Lost. Did no one think to ask him about Flicker?



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