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Jackman produces The Amateur

HughJackman.jpgHugh Jackman's production company (because they all have one nowadays) is to turn the Robert Littell novel Amatuer into a new film, and perhaps angle it to be another franchise to rival the Bourne series.

The novel according to Variety through the clever and fast typing Cinema Blend, is being adapted by a writer for the 24 series, Evan Katz, who sounds like he'll be in familiar territory.

It's about a CIA cryptographer who's fiance is killed in a suspicious plane crash. He investigates, because I presume no one else will as I'm sure it's only suspicious to him, and finds that terrorists were responsible. Since no one else is doing anything about it he gathers arms and sets about hunting them down for revenge.

Apparently it's already been a film starring the excellent Christopher Plummer, oh I love that man on screen, called The Amateur. I'm intrigued, and I think I might try and get hold of the original.



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