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Jackman to star in Carousel musical

HughJackman.jpgHugh Jackman has been talking about his new projects and producing, but the most interesting thing he talks about is a new project called Carousel.

It's a remake of the musical which features a very strange tale indeed, from Coming Soon:

Jackman would play Billy Bigelow (a role he sung in a 2002 Carnegie Hall concert to honor Rodgers & Hammerstein), a carnival barker whose temper puts him in the middle of a botched robbery and leads to his death. Stuck in purgatory, he's given one day to return and fix the problems he left behind -- namely a teenager who has a lot of his rebellious traits.

Now that sounds interesting indeed, another change in direction for Jackman. Does this mean we'll hear him singing on film, or will it be a non-musical remake?

You have to admire Jackman for continually changing direction and picking weighty projects to get stuck into. He's never just taking an easy shot these days.



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