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Jackman wants Singer for Wolverine

Wolverine.jpgHugh Jackman has said that Bryan Singer is almost at the top of the list to direct the new Wolverine film, and that's after Bryan Singer saying that he would love to direct it.

The story comes from an IESB interview with Jackman through Comic Book Movie:

Well, the…(laughing)…the thing is it’s all in negotiations, I can really…there is a list and Bryan is, sort of, at the beginning of it, so, of course, he’s in the loop. So, but, it is too early for me to say.

Well he's "sort of" at the beginning of it, sort of? I would have thought that he would have been the top choice, perhaps Brett Ratner is at the top?! He goes onto tell us the timeline for shooting and how long the Baz Luhrmann film might take...

I’m meant to finish Baz’s [Lurhmann] movie, the end of August, my guess is that Baz might just go til September…well, who knows, I think we’ll go for the beginning of ’08. That way…I need to have, my idea for Wolverine, I want to have four months clear before I start shooting, ‘cause I want to be in shape, the physical shape, I have never been in before.

Wow. I thought he looked in pretty good shape in The Prestige (review), but I guess since this is a younger Wolverine he'll have to be even fitter.



I want Singer for Wolverine as well. It's too bad he is too busy with Superman to consider any X4; I think he has a strong grasp of popular filmmaking. I prefered the first two XMen flicks over Ratner's third and would like to see Singer back on the team.


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