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Jessica Alba in Saw IV?

JessicaAlba.jpgI totally missed this rumour of possible casting for Saw IV, Jessica Alba and Goran Visnjic? Personally I think it's way too early and that there's someone having fun on IMDB, but there's always a chance.

While I was looking up the link for the Saw III review I was surprised to see both names listed and no other stars from the previous films involved.

Now without giving too much away there have been various people coming back in the last couple of films, and I would have expected to see a few of them here, that is unless it's taking a completely new direction. I doubt that however, especially after seeing the third film.

I knew she was joining horror in the US remake of The Eye, but the Saw franchise too? Frankly I think these are just hopeful fans or someone messing about, what do you think? Are they seriously confirmed?



Wow I hope its not true. I don't think Alba is the best actress around, shes not bad, but SAW ? Oh what a downward step it would be in her career.


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