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Johnson wants Miller's Daredevil 2

Daredevil.jpgThe director Mark Steven Johnson may well be forgiven for Daredevil, Elektra and Ghost Rider and allowed to direct Daredevil 2, if he has his way of course.

According to news appearing in AICN through Cinema Blend, while he was plugging Ghost Rider at Wizard World, he mentioned that he'd love to do Daredevil 2, but only if he could do it the way he wants and base it on the Born Again storyline.

Oh lord. I've just forgiven him for everything if he could bring that storyline to the big screen, be faithful, and not cast it badly or let it get chopped apart. Okay, it's a tall order but if you've read Born Again you would know what a cracking story it is and what a great story it would make onscreen, although the closing section I'm not too sure about, the rest of it is superb.

Born Again was written by the stunning Frank Miller who penned a script about the Kingpin managing to totally destroy everything, and I mean everything, in Daredevil's life. It's a superb story indeed, and really would make a great film...but could Johnson pull it off, and more to the point, will the studio let an attempt at this film be made? Personally I hope they stick it out for a strong writer and director, but what are the chances of that?



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