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Jones joins Rambo IV

VinnieJones.jpgVinnie Jones is set to take on Rambo in the final outing for the vet. According to rumours he's set to start filming before Christmas.

Jones gives a little interview on the Norweigian site VG Nett through Moviehole and Cinema Blend and says that he's due to start filming Rambo IV: In the Serpent's Eye before the festivities get underway.

This marks one of those upwardly pointing moments of Jones' career, he started off well (skipping Rebel Yell) and moved up to Swordfish, then started a slip downwards to EuroTrip. Then, despite what everyone seems to think, he had an uptake with X-Men: The Last Stand which rapidly plummeted to Garfield. On his upcoming slate we've got the WWF film The Condemned, where Steve "Stone Cold" Austin (please! There's only one Steve Austin) stars as a man who is taken from death row to fight other sentenced men with one survivor getting their freedom...Running Man anyone?

However, then things seem to be on the rise. The Riddle has him as a journalist obsessed with solving a murder in an old Dickens manuscript, and he enslists the help of a strange old tramp in the process. He'll be starring alongside Derek Jacobi and Vanessa Redgrave!

Loaded has him deep in the drug dealers scene in LA and a tale of the descent into a world of vengeance and murder. While The Filthy War sees him in the tale of a famous platoon of volunteer soldiers who defend a village in the Yugoslav War against troops who are carrying out ethnic-cleansing.

So where does Rambo sit amongst that pile? A high, low, or something in between? You have to be impressed with those titles coming up. However here's something to consider. There's another project on the slate with Rambo, Carry on London. Yes, the silly arse seems intent on kicking his career in the face when it's just getting up again.



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