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Judd adapts Inquisition tale

AshleyJudd.jpgAshley Judd is taking a fair leap in terms of direction. At a press conference for her new film Come Early Morning, she's announced that she's bought the rights to a novel by Robin Morgan called The Burning. The book is about an Irish Priestess who refuses to give up her land or faith as the Spanish Inquisition arrives in Ireland during the 14th Century.

"I might fail spectacularly or succeed modestly...but I'm going to give it a go and probably reach out to other people who are writers to godmother or mentor me through the process. I'm going to spend some time doing that this winter and going to India and stuff like that."

Is the quote she gave over at Coming Soon. It's an interesting tale, and quite a departure for her and for the current trends of films, but actually one that I think could be pretty good. Will it involve much of the Inquisition, or does no one expect that (everyone's doing that joke!)? It could settle for average territory, but I think the times of the Inquisition are looking more and more relevant in our times, and a visit to those feelings and events might just ring true with some of the audience.



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