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King Kong Special Edition DVD

KingKong.jpgThere's a new King Kong Special Edition DVD coming, and it's huge. King Kong: Deluxe Extended Edition is being released on 14th of November (I think in the US) and will consist of a mammoth three discs.

It includes a cut of the film with thirteen extra minutes added in, almost forty minutes of deleted scenes, introductions from Peter Jackson, featurettes, outtakes and gag reels, and of course Jackson's own commentary on the film. There's a raft of extras on the three discs, and you can see the full track listing over at MoviesOnline.

Hold up though, they have something else for you. There's a little bit of an introduction to the cast made film. On set, during the filming of Kong, it was Jackson's Birthday. The cast and crew decided to get together and make a little film behind his back and show it to him on his Birthday. It all makes for a little extra look behind the scenes and into the personalities of these people, and I would expect that the Birthday film will be on that DVD somewhere.

Head over there and see the listings, but this DVD set is looking like one big mumma.



My Christmas present.

My Christmas present to avoid LOL


You just gave me an idea what to give you Peter! LOLOLOL


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