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Kubrick's lost film to continue

StanleyKubrick.jpgBack in 1962, when Stanley Kubrick moved from Hollywood to London some of his most important papers were lost. One of these was the single copy of a treatment for a film called Lunatic at Large, which he had commissioned in the late 1950's from a previous collaborator, the novelist Jim Thompson.

From NY Times through Bits of News comes the incredible tale of how his son in law, Philip Hobbs, found the manuscript and has gone about trying to bring it to life. Mr Hobbs said:

I remember Stanley talking about ‘Lunatic.’ He was always saying he wished he knew where it was, because it was such a great idea.

Finally, through many failed starts, it looks like it's going to happen. The script has been completed by Stephen R. Clarke and is set to be directed by Chris Palmer, a first time director.

I wonder if they will recreate the wonder of what Kubrick was, or if they will turn to their own more modern style. Personally I don't even think they should consider the Kubrick option and they should stick to taking an idea that once was his and totally modernising it using "inspired by..." kind of thing. After all this time and distance, can they really expect to recreate the greatness of Kubrick?



Fascinating. I vaguely recall reading about some other story Jim Thompson had written for Kubrick but it had vanished apart from the last few pages or something.

I see absolutely no reason why they should try and recreate Kubrick's style in making it, though I'm glad they're going to keep it as a period piece. Sounds like it could be incredible.


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