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Labeouf talks Transformers

ShiaLabeouf.jpgShia Labeouf has been talking about how tough the filming of Transformers was. Oh lord aren't we all glad our lives aren't that tough! He also had some interesting things to say about working with CGI and the actors viewing, or lack of, of the film.

"It was like war," he said. "I've never been in that much pain in my life, emotionally, physically. It was just a hard movie to make...I think it's going to be good. Who knows? I'm not involved like that. It's not a 'come visit the editing room' kind of relationship. I know that what we've shot, I've seen dailies, looks nuts but I don't know how the assemblage is going to be."

He says over at Rotten Tomatoes. So they haven't seen much of the film, not really that surprising since there's going to be so much CGI in the movie. Still it's interesting to hear that the actors didn't get to see much of it apart from the odd daily, and those will be sans Transformers, or perhaps with some rough animation thrown in as placements.

This is probably going to be the most interesting time for the film, as it enters the CGI and the editing sections. We're going to see some completed shots coming out soon, and I can't wait. Not toys, not sketches or CGI mock ups, not adverts for cars or just pictures of cars, no, actual Transformers. Roll it on.



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