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Laranas to direct Sigaw remake

Sigaw_Poster.jpgThe announcement of the remake of Sigaw, The Echo, popped up earlier today, but there was no real word of the original director Yam Laranas. Now from his official blog he tells us that he's set to direct.

Sigaw will be remade in Hollywood and I am very excited to direct this project...from THE HOLYWOOD REPORTER:...

...Vertigo Entertainment will produce "The Echo," a remake of the acclaimed Filipino thriller "Sigaw." Yam Laranas, who co-wrote and directed "Sigaw," will direct the movie, being written by Eric Bernt...

...Vertigo plans to move quickly with the film, eyeing a March 19 start date.

Well done Laranas, my previous concerns for the script might just be out the window with this. Here's hoping you can duck the might of Hollywood and produce a great remake.

For those of you who haven't seen Sigaw, see the Filmstalker review, and if you want to see how good Laranas really is, check out this short he made with only a mobile phone, it's superbly creepy.



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