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Ledger talks Dark Knight's Joker

HeathLedger.jpgHeath Ledger has been talking about his role as the new Joker again, and this time he doesn't seem to be putting his feet in it by saying he hates comics, this time it sounds as though he's putting some thought into the adaptation as well as some positive research.

From an interview over at Newsarama through Superhero Hype, Ledger says that he's not been reading the Batman comics, but was given The Killing Joke as a reference for where the character should go, and this in itself is perhaps the best sign so far, after all for me that is the real Joker, the pathalogical killer with a surprisingly clear mind. He also mentions that dreaded "not a fan" comment again, although this time he's more positive about it.

"I think it's going to be the beginning of The Joker. I guess that book explains a little bit of where he's from but not too much. From what I've gathered, there isn't a lot of information about The Joker and it's left that way...I was never really a fan of comic books or comic book movies. I never despised them but I was never one to read them. I never sought out the films but I would sit down and enjoy them. So because of that I really feel that I'm not carrying much pressure...

...Have you ever wanted to do superhero movies before? Not really. With the tights and undies and the boots, I would just feel stupid and silly. I couldn't pull it off and there are other people who can perfectly. But I just couldn't take myself seriously. I feel like this is an opportunity to be in one and not do that. I just gravitated towards the villain role because I felt I had something to give to it"

He talks about how this will definitely not be the Jack Nicholson Joker thing, redoing that would be stupid and that these tales are different, the directors are different, and therefore the style is very different.

The most exciting part though is that a truck arrived at his house one day and took a 3D digital scan of him, perhaps to try out possible looks.

"This Bat truck turned up at my place in L.A.. It had these gadgets and cameras that zoom around you and up and down you. It instantly projects a three dimensional image of you. I've never used anything that high tech before in a film. I felt like I was in the truck from Knight Rider."

I have to say that this sounds way more positive than we've heard before and the interview gives the feeling that he really is thinking more of the role and looking into it. Perhaps he is going to give us an excllent Joker after all? There's a lot to be said by someone playing the part that's never been exposed to all the different flavours and styles of the character we've been subjected to in the past. Perhaps we could see a real strong portrayal of The Killing Joke style of Joker?



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Has Ledger ever read The Killing Joke? I really wonder. Has he ever read anything at all?

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