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Lee on Inside Man sequel

InsideMan.jpgAn Inside Man sequel surprises no one, what does is the fact that Spike Lee is onboard.

Lee and Brian Grazer are developing the sequel together, although there's not been a deal reached on if Lee would direct or not. The concept is under wraps as are any prospective castings says Variety through Coming Soon.

So the question is how could they possibly film a sequel? Would the story follow on immediately from where it left off? If it had then surely the big hook of the first film is gone, and anyway they couldn't do that again there would be no surprise left. I think if it's going anywhere then it should really follow the characters onwards, shouldn't it?



I hated the first one, so you can guess how excited I am about a sequel.

I thought Inside Man was really good, but there is absolutely nowhere for a continuation of that story to go. The only way I can see it progressing is maybe if they do a US Marshalls type thing, i.e. take the police detective character and put him in an entirely new story.


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