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Levy turns to fantasy in The Talent Thief

ShawnLevy.jpgSawn Levy is perhaps best known for directing comedies, and some not so hot ones at that, but his upcoming slate has a couple of more serious projects, and perhaps that means we're going to see something a bit stronger from him.

I associate Levy with Cheaper by the Dozen, The Pink Panther remake (crimes against humanity) and Night at the Museum, and with that pedigree I have no interest in seeing Ben Stiller's latest outing as...Ben Stiller, even with the big name cast.

Now though, word from Variety through Empire is that he's managing to pile on projects despite those films, and that the two films he's signed up for now are a fantasy novel adaptation (surprise) and a drama with some comedy elements...whatever that means.

The first is The Talent Thief by Alex Williams which has the writers of Aeon Flux (review) set to adapt from Alex William's novel. Now I didn't think that film was so bad, but you know, I don't follow the crowd so what would I know.

The story tells the tale of Adam (oh it's a children's fantasy, any chance there's a series in there too?) who arrives with his sister at a young talent festival. She is gifted with an amazing voice whereas Adam has no stand out talent. Slowly all the talented children begin to lose their gifts, and Adam continually sees a strange shadow race away whenever it happens. He teams up with an ex-racing driver called Amy Swift and together they race after the Talent Thief. Actually, it sounds quite good fun!

The other project is Father Figure which is the story by Nick Kurzon of a bachelor who races against his own ticking biological clock to find a possible mother for his child. He's of course incredibly selfish and probably doesn't want love...and so the story goes.

The Talent Thief sounds the most interesting and marks a bit of a departure for Levy. I'm hoping that we get to see more of his talent than we have to date and that he gives up the idea of remaking classic comedies.



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