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Lohan doubles up in Who Killed Me

LindseyLohan.jpgLindsay Lohan has been getting slammed of late both by the press and some of her fellow stars, and yet here she is taking two leading roles in a thriller called Who Killed Me.

She's been called unprofessional, criticised for turning up late and slightly messed up on set, etc, etc. There have also been many comments (mostly in the press) about her acting abilities too. However hear she still is and with a string of prominent roles on her slate she's next turning to working even harder on set.

Production Weekly tells us that in Who Killed Me Lohan will play a girl called Aubrey who is abducted by a serial killer. Sometime later a girl regains consciousness in hospital and claims to be called Dakota, yet everyone knows her to be the abducted girl Aubrey. She is identical in every way except for her personality. Dakota is missing a hand and leg after escaping from the killer, and she is determined to persuade everyone who she is and that they must race to save Aubrey's life before the killer...well, does what he does.

Now to me that sounds quite cool, although with Lohan and the missing leg thing I'm really trying not to have Boxing Helena pop into my head, even though this is nothing like it! Anyway, the plot sounds intriguing and already I'm wondering if she has picked up a personality disorder, or if she really is who she claims to be, or...

You see that's the kind of story that really works with me, one that gets me going the instant I know about it. Now we just have to wait a few years to see it!

Tell me though, do you really think Lohan is a strong actress? Should her private antics be over looked because she's young and enjoying herself? I mean as long as she can do the job right?



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