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Lohan in Tennessee Williams film

LindseyLohan.jpgLindsay Lohan has been signed to star in a Tennessee Williams film adaptation, yes you heard me right, called The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond. She will appear alongside David Strathairn no less.

According to Variety through Coming Soon the adaptation is from a screenplay that was discovered only after Williams death. They describe the story as...

...a dramatic, sometimes downbeat work, it centers on class tensions in 1920s Memphis, in particular on a romance between a society woman and a plantation worker.

It's surprising to see how well Lohan is doing these days, and it does suggest that we really should keep an eye out for some of her latest performances. Could she be maturing as an actress and becoming a sought after lead?

Interestingly a first time director has been picked to make this lost tale, Jodie Markell.



I have not seen a Lindsay Lohan film but I still can not comprehend why she seems to be getting a lot of good projects.


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