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Longoria says no Beyoncé lesbian tale

EvaLongoria.jpgEva Longoria has spoken out against the rumours that she and Beyoncé Knowles were to star in the film version of Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters. She has officially said:

"Believe me, I would love to work with Beyoncé one day. She's so talented. But this is definitely not something we are doing together. It's completely and absolutely not true."

Over at People Magazine through Cinema Blend. Interesting since I had the Hollywood.com quote from her saying:

Yes it's true, we're talking about doing that. It's such a wonderful novel, a beautiful love story.

Still, she's denying it today and as I said then, these two young ladies could not play the average 1800 Victorian England females. In fact there's no way they could do it without totally rewritting the whole concept of the novel.

So the denials come through and I'm really not surprised. The real thing we need to see is if Sofia Coppola is going to direct, or if Marie Antoinette has put paid to that.



Just too good to be true, that's what I'll say about it.

Ehr Richard, shattered fantasies for a lot of men don't you think? ;P

I think so. I'd rather they didn't mess with the whole Victorian timeline than have the two of them snogging. No offence to either!


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