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Luke Wilson and Jessica Simpson in Blonde Ambition

JessicaSimpson.jpgOh dear, poor Luke Wilson has just signed up for the film Blonde Ambition also starring Jessica Simpson which is billed as "loose" remake of Working Girl, you know that film starring Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, Joan Cusack, Oliver Platt, Alec Baldwin and Sigourney Weaver - you know, the majority of them had acting talent.

News from MTV through Coming Soon has producer Justin Berfield quoted as saying:

"It's basically about a young woman's journey into the corporate empire. She starts at the bottom and works her way to the top."

What in gods name is going on with this, and why is Wilson wanting to get involved? At times he shows talent and then plumps for a really dumb film...although this has to beat them all and be the dumbest!



Whoa, wait a second. I had heard about this from interview with Jessica Simpson, but then I heard a report that they had passed on casting her.
Then again maybe this could have been a different movie with Luke Wilson I was hearing about... I can't say I remember the title of the movie talked about. All I can say is, my respect for Luke Wilson has just plummeted.

What else is new? *yawns*


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