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Madagascar 2 plot revealed

Madagascar.jpgThe plot for Madagascar 2 has just been revealed, and children (and some adults) are rejoicing everywhere. According to Ben Stiller they are about to start recording the film and it's due in November 2008.

From Coming Soon through Empire, the film will see the animals escape to Africa. Stiller says...

“I think all the animals head back to New York on that plane that you know was up in the trees and then they crash in Africa and Alex gets reacquainted with his real family and it goes from there,"

Yippee, I can hardly wait. Saying that though I know that there are loads of people out there who just loved the film, and I'm sure I'm about to come under flack for even hinting negatively at it!



You'll be get no flack from me! I didn't like Madagascar at all and I'm not that hard to please in the way of animation, but this had few laughs. My daughter enjoyed it, but she's also in the targeted age range. A sequel simply isn't exciting.

Not to sound like a kurmudgeon, but I'm totally burned out on CGI talking animal films. Madagascar was uninspired pablum. Even Pixar's latest effort was sub-par (not to mention overlong). I'm going to snob it up here and say give me A Nightmare before Christmas, give me A Scanner Darkly, give me Miyazaki or Oncelot, but stop with the damned talking animals (or insects, or inanimate objects!)

Total agreement Triflic...I was saying this about another film just the other day...Oh yeah it was Evan Almighty and the sudden appearance of all these intelligent animals. I hate all that, it's been done to death, CGI or not.

CGI animation flicks are passé. I'm so tired of seeing bugs and animals and cars?

And I thought you were averse to animated films Richard!

I am still pining for a Happy Feet article in the Filmstalker. Please??? You didn't expect me to do a penguin song did you? :D

Oh for lord's sake! I *may* see the movie...may...we'll see if I'm dragged to it or not.

It's working isnt it Rich? ;D


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