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Madonna's Maverick in court

Madonna.jpgMadonna's film company Maverick, are taking another production company to court for allegedly stealing their ideas and rights for a film based on the famous Stanford Prison Experiment. The company Inferno were just planning to remake Das Experiment, a story I previously reported on.

According to Kansas.com:

Maverick's lawsuit alleges misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition, breach of contract and fraud. It seeks an injunction preventing Inferno from producing or marketing any film based on the Stanford Prison Experiment. It also seeks damages of at least $50 million.

Maverick are claiming that Inferno gained access to their ideas by saying they had no rival project and all the information they had would be provided in the strictest confidence. Now Inferno are making a rival project and they're suing.

Inferno are funding a remake of Das Experiment, which itself is based on the Stanford Experiments, so are they really making a rival project or remaking the German adaptation? Maverick bought the rights to the actual experiments from the professor who ran them, Philip G. Zimbardo.

More than this Bill Johnson of Inferno claims that Maverick approached them knowning they were looking at the Das Experiment remake, and that's why they approached Inferno. Since they said no, it's just sour grapes.

So it's all bunfights galore, however I'd much rather see an original film on the experiments than a remake of an already excellent film about them.

For those who don't know the experiment placed twenty four men in a prison situation, randomly picked to be twelve inmates and twelve wardens. As the experiment progressed their behaviours became violent and conditioned to their roles, and as a result the experiment was halted.



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