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Meatloaf: The Movie

Meatloaf.jpgYes, my mother for one will be thrilled that Meat Loaf is trying to get a Bat Out of Hell film off the ground. Yes, it is true. There will be darkness, harley's, big men, sexy women, and a rock score to make your ears melt.

According to Moviehole through CinemaBlend, not only is he pumping out the album Bat Out of Hell III, but he's in talks with studios right now about getting a Bat Outta film started.

Amazingly though he will not be starring in the lead, and he won't want to direct or write...however all is not lost Mum, he will be featuring in the film.

You know what, you may be laughing at this, but I think this could be quite cool. Imagine that soundtrack, and if it's anything like the videos then it'll look like an epic. I guess the only worrying part would be the story and who gets pulled into the project...I'm sure the worrying thing for most is that there's even talk of a Meat Loaf movie!



If there is a shoo-in for style, looks and similar attitudes....Jack Black to play MeatLoaf.

Couldnt agree more with you there Triflic.


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