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Medium Raw trailer online

When I read the synopsis for Medium Raw and looked through the blurb, I thought it was going to be some standard low budget fare, but when I saw it I was surprised to see the trailer packed with cool shots, tension, strong images and lighting, and all in all a well formed horror trailer.

The story is about an asylum filled with some terrible serial killers, and by terrible I mean utterly sick, and one night power goes down in the whole area and the asylum doors open. The cop who brought down the killer called The Wolf just happens to be there and tries to protect the staff and visitors (his wife included) from the murders known as The Toe Collector, The Cannibal, The Bull, and of course the killer he brought down, The Wolf.

When you see the trailer [QT] you should be surprised, although the voiceover could have done with a little more professional microphone, the trailer itself is really well constructed and some of the shots look very good. I'm thinking this might turn out to be a good horror.

The trailer was found by Twitch, the official site is online, and the story comes from the great team at HorrorMovies.ca.

Have a look and see what you think...



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