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Miller to leave Sin City 2?

FrankMiller.jpgBack in July we heard that Frank Miller was going to direct The Spirit, now he's saying that this may take place before the planned Sin City 2, and there's even a hint that he may not do that film at all. This comes after the denial of the reported problems on the coming Sin City sequel.

According to Slice of Scifi reporting on his comments which they say were made at the LA premiere of 300 - a premiere I find hard to believe happened since the film isn't due out until 9th of March, still...

"We're working on the script right now...we're hoping to be in production either spring [2007] or [this] fall..."

"Either me and Robert [Rodriguez] on 'Sin City 2' or me on 'The Spirit.' It all depends on where the pieces are on both projects. ‘Sin City 2' is scripted, so it's mainly a matter of Robert's schedule and all the other production stuff."

Ooh, so that perhaps we might not see him on the film after all, or does he mean that Sin City 2 will wait for him to finish The Spirit too? I'm not so sure that there's anything too sinister in this, it's all about the scheduling, yet you could definitely read in there that he could leave Sin City 2 to Rodriguez as he goes off for Spirit. Would that be such a loss to the film? Would it be a good thing for Spirit to wait? Where does all this leave Sin City 3 as well, will that be pushed even further back in the schedule?



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