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Miss Potter trailer restricted from UK

There's a reason I'm posting the new Miss Potter trailer as the first for the day and without an image, because it will get lost and no one will see it. So the next question should be why so?

Well Miss Potter is a story about Beatrix Potter, the celebrated English children's author, yet if you're in the UK you can't watch the trailer. I'm not sure about anywhere else, but when I attempted it I was told I was not allowed to from my region. Probably because it's so bad we'll all be offended.

The trailer, if you want to try it out and tell us if it works from your country, is over at Moviefone embedded in their equally restrictive player through Jo Blo.

Do they want anyone to see it other than US citizens with Internet Explorer?

Anyway, the film stars Renée Zellweger as Miss Potter (yes, I know), and British stars such as Emily Watson, Ewan McGregor and Barbara Flynn, and tells the tale of her struggle for love and happiness.

Update: The trailer has just been spotted on YouTube! Hoorray! Down with restrictions! You can see it over the page...

Thanks to Film Ick who found it and you can watch it below:



There are loads of US sites that restrict foreign traffic, its not about the trailer itself they just see us as a waste of their resources, I was asked to promote Masters of horror for the Showtime network, but their site gives the "This is intended for US residents only" so I thought **** off.

I’ve never been able to watch any of the moviefone or AOL trailers posted at Film Stalker. I think this is a business decision on their part that they are marketing to the US and therefore visitors from the rest of the world would just be “wasting” there video bandwidth.

To me that just reeks of poor marketing decisions.

Good choice on the Masters of Horror, although it probably meant you missed out on some good traffic.

whatever restrictions companies try to put on things, people always seem to find a way around them. i will be interested to see how things get infinitely more complicated when (if) we enter a download-dominated age in the next year or two... it's been hell with negative actions on DVDs (regions codes, forced / contractual removal or lack of inclusion for english subtitles on foreign releases) but i suspect the regional-restrictions on downloads will make for some interesting legal cases and software written by folk who just want to pay to see a movie; lots of the time companies seem to worry about getting people to do just that :)

For the record, the Moviefone trailer works in Canada too. Apparently the restriction is a North American one and not just limited to the US.

I still think it's ridiculous though.

Thanks for that ISO100, it'll help other Canadians know they can watch it from Moviefone...if they really want to!

Yeah logboy, it's interesting that there's all this talk of PS3 being region free, but I think that's only for games. Some Xbos 360 games are region free (hence the Play-Asia banner up there) but it wouldn't let me play a US DVD today.

I wonder if testing the region free out on the games market might just point the way to region free coding for films?

Mind you that'll never stop the regioning of film releases and marketing.

I saw the trailer last night before Casino Royale - whether its just Zellwegger's hysterical acting, I realy dont know much about Beatrix Potter apart from her books.

you can see this trailer in the UK cos ive seen it. I found the addy again for you. its http://www.the-fun-zone.co.uk/moviespages07/miss_potter.html it looks good if you like this type of film (obviously! lol)


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