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Money off Xmas shopping

Here's a mammoth £2 off voucher for any Xmas shopping you want from the Filmstalker store. There's quite a few cool things in there, more silly things, and some downright strange stuff too.

Whatever you fancy if you're looking for a silly gift, perhaps you could find it here and get £2 off. If you don't see anything you like tell me, and I might be able to add it for you. Want a new slogan, a different colour, anything, just ask.

Here's the coupon code, it's a tough one to remember: XMAS06 and it's valid until 30/11/2006.



Oh this is perfect! As you know I got the FS mousepad, (by the way, I've cleaned my pc lately Richard ;D ) but I've always wanted to buy another item, will this mean you still get a £1 for FS with the purchase despite this promo?

Filmstalker does yes, not so much me!

Hehehe, Richard just had to make that clear folks! ;)


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