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Moore says Hollywood is ageist

DemiMoore.jpgDemi Moore has openly criticised Hollywood for being ageist, and in a time when new legislation arrives in the UK to battle such issues, perhaps she wishes it were the same in the US.

According to Monsters and Critics she was interviewed in OK! Magazine and was quite vocal, here's what they have her saying:

"For many female actors who turn 40 it means the end of their career, its time to retire. There aren't that many good roles for women over 40.

"A lot of them don't have much substance, other than being someone's mother or wife. If we are told we are not valuable once we hit 30 it is a problem."...

..."We all have more to give. We can't just bend over and wait for something to happen. We have to say, 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!' "

That quote is straight out of Network. I think that Moore doesn't have this problem so much, probably because she looks so wonderful for her age, however she arrived there, but I do agree that there is a shortage of good roles for older women. Perhaps it's because the studios think that men want to stare at young looking, gorgeous women, and women want to see them to believe they can be like them?

I'm not sure. If I want to do that I'll go to an online photo gallery, if I want to see some good acting, I'd prefer an older woman of substance and style. Anyway, perhaps I want to stare at women like Moore on screen anyway! What do you think?



Sure if your career revolves around your tits I can see where this may be a problem. Helen Mirren and Judi Dench seem to be working a fair bit. Even Jodie Foster, who is 40 something? now still works fairly regularly. Maybe Demi needs to use them as a role model and not Paris Hilton.

People are discriminated against because of their age in every workforce. Employers may tell folks that's not the case, but it is.

Demi is living a problem she probably cared very very little about in her youth and now it's becoming a very big issue for her. And though, as you say, she looks great now, that won't be something she can fall back on ten years from now. And though she's not that BAD of an actress, she's right. Hollywood has few good meaty roles for older women.

But think about this: is that really an issue or just the way things are? I mean, when it gets down to it, ugly women lose waitress positions to big busted and probably less qualified women in the resturaunt industry, yet we don't get up in arms about that.

I say both are problems we may just have to live with. It's sad, but true. And what are you going to do? Force directors to write and cast older women in roles they'd normally give to other people?

Lars - her career is hardly based around her tits - The Seventh Sign, Mortal Thoughts, A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, The Scarlet Letter (I'm not sure about, haven't seen, but I believe the acting is strong), G.I. Jane, and Bobby.

All of those have been strong roles. There are a few other films which are heavily focused on her body, but I'm quite forgiving of them for a) her body, and b) the above films. I still really like Mortal Thoughts.

Actually in Charlies Angels she has loads of fun with that character and it would be great to see her play a true baddie again. Or for her to take the Mortal Thoughts and try a character like that again, that is a strong performance for her.

I think she's quite good, when she's stretched. I perhaps think she's in a vicious cycle of being offered these roles and therefore having to fight to stay in with a chance.

Mogulus - great points and all common sense, but in the UK for organisations just now that's what's happening. The world is going too PC, we can't even state "senior manager" anymore because that's ageist. Organisations have to consider everyone for a role, and god forbid they exclude anyone by suggesting they have to be young or mature, and likewise if they turn someone down for a role they better have a stronger reason than age.

In a lot of cases I agree, there is ageism that can and sould be tackled, but to enforce an across the board policy just creates a problem in the the opposite direction for the future.

I have yet to be impressed by Demi Moore's performances, I have seen most of her films and I dont see any range in her acting at all.

Moglus: The point you made about the waitress is a pretty clear-cut case of discrimination and should never be tolerated.

As for Hollywood, I don't think the studios are really the ones to blame here. Filmmakers stay in business by providing the viewing public with what they want to see. Perhaps if audiences stopped pouring money into films featuring no-talent eye candy in female roles and instead demanded women who can actually act, the hiring practises would change.

Hollywood isn't ageist, we are.

Making movies is about making money.

You need to sell tickets, then dvds and perhaps toys/games etc.

Its all about the marketing. Demi may have a small point, but its been around for ages and will continue to be based on whatever brings in the most money.

She has made squillions of dollars, perhaps she can fund her own small project, then could make it as meaty as she liked.

She did that really early on in her career with Mortal Thoughts, and I thought that turned out really well. That's what I'd like to see more of.


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