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More Host (Gwoemul) clips online

TheHost_Poster.jpgThere's another batch of clips from The Host, or Gwoemul, (review) online, and even though I saw the film ages ago I still can't get enough of it.

This time we get to see some of the excellent early scenes of the creature racing after people, the family escaping hospital, the children in the sewers, the mother searching, and the protestors meeting the police. All in all I'd say the two worth watching are the first chase scene and the children in the sewers, both these scenes give you a strong feeling of what the film is about, as well as showing you the excellent direction and camera work in the film.

Seriously, this film blew me away, I loved it and you can read my review of Gwoemul or The Host to see how much.

If you want to see the clips, a word of warning, they are all embedded and start loading into the page immediately. They are over at Bloody-Disgusting through AITH.

Oh it's a good film, a great film in fact.



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