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Mr Bean's Holiday trailer leaked online

MrBean.jpgMr Bean was once funny, well actually I never found him funny and for me marked the poorest part of Rowan Atkinson's career, and so the fact that the trailer for Mr Bean's Holiday has been leaked online fills me with dread. Watching it I was filled with apathy.

The trailer seems to have been recorded in a cinema and put online at YouTube, thanks to JoBlo for catching it, although I have to say our comic tastes do differ somewhat. They like the Mr Bean thing, me I hate it. You can see the trailer over the page.

The film is about Mr Bean in France, and all those hilarious things that can happen with different cultures. I have a strange feeling he also finds love in this film...oh lord please help us all.

I personally wish that we'd seen Blackadder make it to the big screen and caught the more intelligent side of his comedy. Alas that was not to be. Does anyone actually like the Bean movies? Why?



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