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Murphy returns in Beverly Hills Cop

EddieMurphy.jpgEddie Murphy as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop, that's probably one of the finest examples of career defining performances there is, I mean who can forget him in that role even today? Well now there's word that he's reprising his role in Beverly Hills Cop IV or 4, whichever you prefer.

According to Variety through Empire the project is a go:

"Axel Foley is one of the great action-comedy characters, a character that Eddie loves. I'm lucky enough to help bring it back," [producer Lorenzo] di Bonaventura told Variety. "This genre is missing from the landscape."

Wow, so he's giving it a real go. I'm surprised, although the character and Murphy's performance was loved at the time, I'm not so sure how he will fare today. How will you accept the return of Foley? Would there have to be some changes to the character to fit in today?

Personally I wish he would move to some more dramatic acting, he's always insistent on sticking with the comedy and for a very, very long time that really hasn't worked as well as it has for him and he's turned to some very poor roles.

What's your favourite Murphy performance? I'll stick my neck out and say that I really enjoyed Boomerang, but it would have to be the first appearance of Foley for me, however seeing it now doesn't touch on the comedy it once did provide.



Please God, no, not a fourth.

The second broke the golden rule about sequels being pants, the third certainly made up for it and paid interest and dividends on the wait. It was utter mince. Murphy was fine, the story was something else.


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